TERM ONE -  Private Drum Tuition - Wednesday 6.00pm

TERM ONE - Private Drum Tuition - Wednesday 6.00pm

  • $284.00
Tax included.

Drum tuition is offered by our enthusiastic and dedicated tutors delivering lessons in all styles and genres. Drum tuition is offered to students of all ages from the beginner to the advanced student.

We are dedicated to giving our students the tools they need to take their music as far as they wish, making learning drums and percussion fun!

Often referred to as the “Engine Room” of a band the drums form a critical role. In a sense they are a rock band’s conductor laying the groove and directing the song. You will learn about the role you play in a band as part of the rhythm section.

As with all of our tuition at Rock ‘n Roll High preparation for higher studies is available. So if you’re planning to go to WAAPA or equivalent we can assist you in meeting the required prerequisites in theory and reading Skills. Our tutors will bring out the “Groove Meister” in every aspiring drummer regardless of style.

  • All genres taught by highly-qualified, friendly and patient teachers.
  • Preparation for higher studies – WAAPA and A.M.E.B. – is available for student, casual and professional percussionists.
  • Students encourage to bring in music they like, for beats, grooves and techniques they want to learn; learn from us and the greats!

IMPORTANT: Please only enrol one student at a time.