Vocal Tuition

Our singing lessons are suitable for all ages and levels, and provide the student with the confidence to properly use their in-built instrument: the voice.

No matter what style or genre you want to sing, our singing tuition has a strong emphasis on vocal health. You will learn to sing using the safest possible techniques, starting with breath management, vocal placement and tone projection.

  • Good techniques taught for vocal health.
  • Develop your sound through development of control over physical elements of the voice.
  • Friendly and inspiring teachers.
  • Performance opportunities for your confidence.
  • Your choice of style and repertoire.

You will be taught to sing effortlessly without strain. Special attention is placed on developing your individual sound, making you the best singer that you can be. Songwriting and microphone technique are also a very important part of this process, and we teach that, too!

Singing lessons are offered for all levels of students from the beginner through to performance auditions, Eisteddfods, preparation for exams and entrance to WAAPA (West Australian Academy of Performing Arts). Vocal coaching is also available for the professional band singer who needs to improve their technique or vocal health.

You choose the songs to work on. Our tutors will take it from there, with advice on singing in the right key for your voice and how to project without strain or injury. We have an extensive collection of backing tracks in many styles and keys to suit.

  • Performance opportunities exist for all students based on their level of confidence and ability.
  • Performance is encouraged but never forced. You will know when it’s your time to sing!